Loukoumi Geroskipou


  A soft, chewy, sugar-powder covered cubical sweet available in many flavours with or without nuts.

Aphrodite Delights has been using the same secret recipe for over a hundred years and aims to continue offering its customers the same delicious taste it has done since 1895.


The process of making Loukoumi takes time and patience - indeed it is this which distinguishes the genuine delight from imitation products.


Unlike many others, these traditional soft sweets do not rely on additives to set and are made using only the finest natural ingredients.

Combined with so many years of experience, all this leads to unparalleled consistency in quality and taste. Just as these delicacies have been a Cypriot favorite for many years, so their sweet reputation has spread far beyond the island's shores - delights by name, delightful by nature!


Loukoumi Geroskipou is PGI certified by the E.U. making it the 1st Cypriot product to receive this recognition.



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